Hayley will confirm during the week leading up to the date of your shoot in regards to the timing and expected weather.

We wish to gain the best from your shoot for you so have compiled a few tips to achieve this and Hayley is always just at the end of the phone to assist with any questions you may have.

  • Animal shoots- Bathed/ freshly clipped/ groomed/ plaited up ideally the day before and a full groom on the morning of the shoot. Most shoots tend to be early morning, which for this special day means an earlier start for all involved I’m afraid. Some shoots in the summer can be evening light shoots providing you with more time to address the grooming of your animal. Think about horses routine, feed times , disturbance on yards etc.

  • All bridle wear/saddlery/headcollars/ropes – any items which could be used and shown on the images to be cleaned ready.

  • Depending upon the style of shoot, think about your own attire and presentation. You may choose a relaxed look or wish to be in competition wear. Perhaps a change of clothing or overalls, which can be altered once, we are ready to shoot. Think about the colour of your attire, do you wish to blend in to the shoot or for instance your pink jumper to stand out against your grey horse. Coordinate your colours to your horses/ animals colouring. The au natural look also takes on a traditional feel to your images, saddle with no saddlecloth underneath, plain leather headcollar/bridle, classic cream/brown coloured clothing etc.

  • To plait or not plait up, entirely your decision for your styled shoot. Suggest if you are in competition wear and your horse would be plaited up for a competition to follow the same ruling.

  • Some styles of shoots require the best light of early morning sunrise hours or the hour leading up to and after the sunset. Please bare this in mind in preparation time prior to my arrival. I normal aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before the best light time for shooting. If the sun is due up at 7am, I would expect to arrive onsite before 6 am to start shooting during that golden hour of soft light and should your shoot be in the evening with the sunset due around 630 pm I would arrive onsite about 5pm to enable an hour prior to sunset and onwards.

  • Should your horse or dog be full of spirit and you wish for a relaxed shoot, please plan in their exercise and cleaning preparation prior to the shoot time.

  • Have a towel/ wipes/ brushes to hand for that in between shot quick touch up.

  • Your choice if you wish to wear make up but it is not necessary. We do not shoot with high flash lighting as a rule.

  • Don’t forget its your shoot but Hayley will help you and your horse/animal relax and enjoy it to gain the style you have agreed.